Dental laser

The laser in dentistry is a tool used to make some treatments more comfortable for the patient.

This device allows for less invasive and more precise treatments, also decreasing the duration of the post-operative course.

The dental laser is also particularly useful for its triple function:

  • reduces any tissue trauma
  • sterilizes the area being treated
  • limits gum bleeding.
Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - laser
Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - laser

The use of laser in dentistry

Today, using the laser in dentistry means having excellent clinical support.

It can be used in the treatment of hard tissue pathologies (tooth whitening, early diagnosis and treatment of carious lesions and desensitization) and soft tissues (small oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, lip herpes, and ulcers).

In small surgery, the dental laser helps greatly reduce bleeding and, thanks to its biostimulating action, prevents the formation of gingival retractions.

In periodontics, the laser is used as a support in the treatment of periodontal pockets, thanks to its bactericidal power.

In endodontics, optimal results are obtained in the decontamination of root canals, increasing the success of therapy.

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