Dott. Mario Mancini

Dr. Mario Mancini, medical director of the Mancini studio in Milan, was born in 1953 in Oristano and graduated from the University of Milan in 1981.

Diploma in Holistic Medical Kinesiology and Posturology at the University of Palermo in 2000.

Diploma in Homeopathy at SMB in Milan in 2004.

Dott. Mario Mancini

Dr. Mario Mancini – Mancini Dental Clinic


Some of the courses attended:

Basic training course of “New Medicine” Dr. Hammer – Milan 2001
Master in Hypnosis – Centro Dialogika 2010
“Nobe Guide” course Dr. Agliardi 2006
“Immediate load All-on-4 implantology” course Prof. Malo Lisbon 2009
“All-on-4, V-two-V, and Nobel Guide surgical techniques” course Dr. Agliardi – Milan 2007
“Maxillary sinus lift” course Prof. Testori – Varese 2006
“Root coverage with bilaminar procedures as an alternative to connective tissue graft” course Prof. Zucchelli 2012
“Total prosthesis and implant-prosthesis functional and geriatric aspects” course Dr. Palla – Milan 2004
“Laser in dentistry – current therapeutic and outpatient aspects” course Prof. Maiorana – Milan 2002
“BTI PRGF technique in modern implantology” course Dr. Giacomello – Milan 2009
“Posture and occlusion” course Motor Science Institute – Milan 2001
“Core-Vent Implant System implantology” course Dr. Simion – Milan 1985
“Periodontology” course Prof. Salvato and Prof Weistein – Milan 1984
“Course in Endosseous Implantology with Immediate Load Screw or Tramonte Blade by Dr. Tramonte in Milan 1984”

Dr. Mario Mancini talks about himself

The Mancini Dental Clinic is made up of graduate and highly qualified professionals, friendly staff attentive to all patient needs, 30 years of dental and implantology experience at the service of our customers!!

Doing what you love is freedom.
Loving what you do is happiness

The Staff

More than 30 years of experience and over 18,000 implants made, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the best materials: these are the credentials of the Mancini clinic in Milan.

However, such results would have been impossible without a competent staff, professionally guided by doctors Gianluca and Mario Mancini.