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Periodontics studies the periodontal tissues and related disorders, effectively treating pathologies such as periodontitis, also known as gum disease.
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What is periodontitis?

This disease affects the tissues that support the teeth (gums, bone, and periodontal ligament), causing a strong inflammation that, in severe cases, can lead to tooth loss. If caught in time, periodontitis is reversible; it can therefore be maintained and even improved in a significant pathological situation.

Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - parodonto
Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - Full Mouth Disinfection


When periodontitis is diagnosed in its early stages, it is possible to intervene with non-surgical periodontics treatment. In this case, the periodontist will carry out a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, eliminating all traces of bacteria, and schedule regular hygiene appointments with you to prevent this condition from recurring.


Home oral hygiene is the best method to prevent the onset of gum infections, combined with a healthy lifestyle, which includes:

• balanced diet
• avoiding smoking and related products
• Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


The rules for effective oral hygiene are few, but it is important to observe them carefully:

• brush your teeth after every main meal
• brush the external and internal surfaces of the dental arches for at least two minutes
• use dental floss to remove any food residue and plaque between one tooth and the other.

All of this will limit the accumulation of bacteria and can prevent you from visiting your periodontist in Milan.

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Full Mouth Disinfection

Our treatment is to cure periodontitis while maintaining your natural smile.
This type of procedure is widely used in periodontics for the treatment of situations where acute or chronic inflammation is present.
It is a complete mouth disinfection that uses a chemical agent called Chlorhexidine, which is effective and fast in eliminating bacteria.
The patient is clinically checked with a tool called a periodontal probe, which measures the severity of the periodontal problem, then photos are taken and an examination of the quantity and quality of plaque is performed. Finally, x-rays are taken to intervene with targeted cleaning.

During the session, all the tartar present under the gum will be removed, aiming to heal the gum tissues, making them reattach well to the tooth. This allows you to preserve your teeth and avoid having them extracted.

In agreement with the patient, a probe is done that indicates the periodontal status. To further improve the results of the treatment of this condition, the use of Air Floss and Laser is resorted to.

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