Posturology in Milan: Orthodontic bite, ATM disorders,
homeopathy, and Taopatch

Posturologist in Milan

Dental malocclusions can cause numerous problems not only for oral health but also lead to postural issues.
When the jaw assumes an incorrect position, all the muscles that support it go into tension, as well as the adjacent muscle groups.
Thus, the appearance of muscle imbalances can cause headaches, lumbar sciatica , and dizziness.

If you’re looking for a posturologist in Milan, you’ve come to the right place. In our studio, we specialize in posturology and our professionals will guide you, step by step, in your therapeutic journey, giving you support and advice at every moment.

Orthodontic Bite

The orthodontic bite is a transparent mobile appliance, custom-made and prescribed by the dentist, based on the impressions of each patient’s teeth. Once applied, it can bring the jaw into the correct position. It allows you not to grind or clench your teeth during the night, improves posture, and can resolve headaches and back pain.
This device has a triple function:

• protects the enamel from the trauma of tooth grinding and clenching,
• restores the correct alignment of the two dental arches
• eliminates muscle tension in the jaw and neck.

A soft orthodontic bite induces a re-balancing and relaxation of the chewing muscles and is indicated in purely muscle-tensive pathologies. This type of splint is commonly referred to as a bite plane and its main objective is the deprogramming of the chewing muscles, with the subsequent relaxation of the tissues. A hard bite, on the other hand, is indicated for interception and correction of bad habits and parafunctions (such as the tendency to clench teeth or bite lips). This type of device is often useful for relieving pain and attacks from trigeminal neuralgia.

Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - profilassi

TMJ Disorders

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the structure that connects the jaw to the skull and allows the mouth to move.

Imbalances or disorders of the TMJ can cause pain and discomfort such as headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, postural problems, back pain, and jaw pain.

Often the cause of all this is dental malocclusions or parafunctions, and bad habits such as bruxism (involuntary grinding of teeth).

VERY OFTEN there is an easily recognizable clinical sign from the patient, which is an indicator of an already problematic TMJ situation, known as the “mandibular click”, this is a sound that occurs in opening or closing movements of the mouth corresponding to the ears; an internal click or crepitations (a sound similar to sand being rubbed).

In these cases, your dentist and your posturologist in Milan can play a fundamental role in diagnosing the problem and proposing the most appropriate treatment to resolve the case.


Taopatch is a device that, through the transmission of coherent photons with the human body, is able to constantly stimulate and balance the neural points without the release of chemical substances.
This innovative technology is based on the most modern knowledge of bio-physics applied to well-being and helps to increase proprioception, or the ability to perceive the position and state of one’s own body in space, even without the support of sight.

The Taopatch technique uses small devices applied to specific points with the aid of a tape plaster. The goal is to improve body movement and reduce pain due to incorrect postural patterns. It is also designed to optimize physical and biological performance and alleviate stress.

Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - Taopach
Clinica Mancini - Alberto Rossi Osteopata

Osteopath in Milan:
Dr. Alberto Rossi

Osteopathy considers each individual as a whole whose well-being is subordinated to the well-being of each of the parts that compose it, which are interconnected.

Our osteopath, Dr. Alberto Rossi, will evaluate which are the weak or tense areas of your body and, through specific manual techniques, will support you in a personalized therapeutic rehabilitation path, relieving muscle tension, increasing joint mobility and improving blood supply to the tissues.

Doing what you love is freedom.
Loving what you do is happiness

Homeopathy in Milan

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine practice introduced in the 19th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann.

Dr. Mario Mancini received a diploma in Homeopathy from the SMB in Milan in 2004, bringing the possibility of homeopathic therapies to the studio.

These therapies are given exclusively to patients who request them, often in association with allopathic therapies or as a sole therapeutic treatment when possible.

The main indications for administering homeopathic remedies are anxious states and surgical traumas, especially those related to dental extractions and implantology. 

Hypnosis in the medical field

Hypnosis in the medical field and specifically in dentistry has the purpose of inducing a state of relaxation in order to receive relaxation inductions, thanks to which tension, stress, and various phobias that the patient may have regarding dental treatment are overcome or greatly reduced.

With this type of hypnosis, the patient is always conscious and does not lose control of their own will, and can interrupt the hypnosis session at any time.

Dr. Mario Mancini received a master’s degree in conversational hypnosis, which has allowed him in recent years to successfully manage hundreds of phobic or otherwise problematic patients. Truly hundreds of patients who could not be treated before have been able to complete their treatment plans.