Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
in Milan

Physical therapy, also known as body therapy, is a discipline that aims to help the body regain full and correct functionality after accidents, surgeries, or pathologies.

A tissue that suffers a trauma no longer performs its functions correctly.

The purpose of our physical therapy activities in Milan is to guide the healing of the trauma, avoiding more complex problems to be rehabilitated in the future.

Our physiotherapist in Milan

If you are looking for an expert in physiotherapy in Milan, you can turn to our studio.

Our team will analyze your situation and propose the best way to act, supporting you in every stage of the journey and monitoring your progress.

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Who is and what does
the physiotherapist do?

In the studio, our physiotherapist will put into practice different techniques based on your particular case, planning a dynamic rehabilitation path that may involve different types of therapy:

  • Manual therapies, which include all those evaluative and manual techniques, that are leading in modern physiotherapy.
  • Physical or instrumental therapies, which are carried out through the use of electromedical instruments.

Your physiotherapy path in Milan may take place in different sessions, to which the professional may add supporting exercises that you will be asked to perform at home, thus collaborating first and foremost in your healing.

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Here you will find innovative technologies that will allow you to be treated quickly, with minimally invasive and painless procedures.