Intraoral scan

The intraoral scanner is a very useful device in the dental office, allowing to detect the patient’s dental imprint in digital format, avoiding the use of the unpleasant pastes traditionally used.

These latter caused no small discomfort in our patients, who often felt nauseous or suffocated.

Thanks to the intraoral scan, we can offer everyone a much more comfortable and serene experience.

Clinica Mancini - scanner
Tec-Scanner Intraorale_Mancini

How does the
intraoral scanner work?

This device performs an intraoral scan within just a few seconds, with precision. It’s non-invasive and it is comfortable for the patient.

The data of the dental arches are detected thanks to a special beam of light and then sent directly to the computer for processing.

Thanks to the intraoral scan, is possible to accurately and precisely plan prosthetics, orthodontic devices, and treatments.

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