Endodontic treatment
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Root canal treatment

Endodontics aims to save the tooth from extraction in the case of inflammations or infections that affect the pulp (soft nerve tissue inside the tooth), for example, due to deep decay or trauma (fractures).
How to understand if an endodontic treatment is needed?

Symptoms range from simple sensitivity to cold or heat; to persistent, strong, throbbing pain (the classic toothache). When one of these situations arises, endodontic treatment is carried out to prevent a more or less serious compromise of the tooth.


Endodontic treatment or root canal treatment, commonly referred to as devitalization, involves removing all the pulp or nerve and replacing it with a permanent filling of gutta-percha and root canal cement, following appropriate cleaning and shaping of the root canals. The success rate of root canal treatment is very high. In this type of treatment, the use of the Microscope and the Cone Beam CT can be decisive for the success of endodontic therapy.
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Root canal treatment


The operating microscope allows for adjustable enlargements in any situation and, thanks to the presence of a coaxial light, it gives the possibility of illuminating a point of particular interest. Stereoscopic vision also allows for adequate depth of observation in the surgical field.

All of this allows for endodontic treatment to be carried out under optimal conditions even in difficult or extreme situations, achieving high-quality standards.
Thanks to the microscope, the presence of lateral canals or other tooth anatomy features can be noticed, which are impossible to detect with the naked eye. We can say that with the microscope, root canal treatment is fully personalized and this makes a difference in complex surgical situations, where the alternative could be tooth extraction.