Conscious sedation
by the dentist

The conscious sedation is mainly used for the most delicate or invasive procedures, such as implantology, but also for other types of treatments.

The dental surgical patient increasingly requires procedures that reduce or eliminate the fear of the procedure and anxiety in general. In our practice, we are very pleased to use conscious sedation with an anesthesiologist, a safe and reliable technique, performed by a specialist in Anesthesia, present in our team.

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What is conscious sedation?

The conscious sedation by the dentist is a procedure that infuses calm and serenity in the patient, ensuring the persistence of the state of wakefulness and collaboration, without interfering with the patient’s respiratory reflexes who remains always alert and conscious, able to respond to stimuli and requests from the operator.

Conscious sedation,
is there any risk?

During conscious sedation by the dentist, the perception of the dental session is lost and patients undergo treatment without difficulty and in total serenity, without feeling pain.

Additionally, once the sedation effect is over, they will not experience any particular side effects.

Before administering the sedation, the professional will check the patient’s clinical conditions to determine their suitability.

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Conscious sedation with
an anesthesiologist: the advantages

The main advantages of conscious sedation by the dentist are:

  • Relaxation and collaboration of the patient
  • Shorter times to finalize the dental treatment plan (reducing the number of sessions)
  • Patient suffering from nausea: the sense of nausea and vomiting is entirely eliminated
  • Patients in pharmacological therapy: thanks to the request for specific exams and monitoring of all vital values by the dedicated anesthesiologist, we operate in a situation of total safety for the patient.
  • Reduction of the amounts of painkillers and antibiotics taken
  • Quick and painless recovery from treatment
  • Induction in rapid times, about 10 minutes

Conscious sedation
with nitrous oxide

Thanks to the technique of conscious sedation, the dentist can promote the patient’s serenity, through the administration of a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.

This results in an anxiolytic, sedative, muscle relaxant, and analgesic effect that is of great benefit to all those who suffer from anxiety or who have to undergo particularly troublesome interventions. During the execution of this simple procedure, the parameters of heart rate, pressure, breathing, and oxygen are constantly monitored, and the patient’s response to stimuli is also checked to verify their level of consciousness.

Inhaling nitrous oxide does not involve any physical restrictions: after treatment, the patient can leave the medical studio on their own and immediately resume their daily routine.


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