Orthodontics in Milan: pediatric, lingual, and transparent

Orthodontics in Milan

The orthodontics, also known as orthognathodontics , is a particular branch of dentistry that studies the different anomalies of the constitution, development, and position of teeth and jaw bones.

As experts in orthodontics in Milan, we use corrective therapies (orthodontic and speech therapy) aimed at achieving the function, stability, and aesthetics of dental occlusion.

Mobile or fixed braces can be prescribed, and to meet aesthetic needs, especially for adult patients, there are also almost invisible orthodontic braces available, such as lingual orthodontics or transparent braces.

Our orthodontist in Milan – Mancini Dental Clinic

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During the orthodontic visit, our orthodontist will analyze your oral cavity, performing scans and X-rays to gather all the necessary data.

Then he will talk to you about your expectations, any discomfort, and needs, and then proceed with the precise planning of the orthodontic treatment that best suits your needs.

Lingual Orthodontics in Milan

Lingual orthodontics is an orthodontic technique that uses braces and wires, just like in traditional orthodontics.

The main difference from the latter is that in lingual orthodontics, the different components of the braces are fixed on the inner surface of the tooth and are therefore imperceptible from the outside.

It is an effective orthodontic therapy that can be used, in appropriate cases, in both adults and children.

Transparent Orthodontics

The transparent brace is a special device that uses transparent, removable, and customized masks, called “aligners”.

Each pair of trays will be worn for about two weeks, before giving way to the next one, gradually guiding the teeth into the desired position.

The transparent brace is particularly indicated for patients, young and old, who want good dental alignment without the use of traditional and unattractive orthodontic braces.

Pediatric Orthodontics

There are some signs in children that we shouldn’t overlook because they may hide dental problems.

Some of these are posture problems or frequent headaches, difficulty oral breathing, bruxism (that is when the child grinds their teeth in their sleep), or, even, asymmetry in the closing of the dental arches.

In these cases, it will be good to take the child to an orthodontic pediatric visit, to check for any malocclusions or imbalances.

Starting orthodontic therapy at a young age allows for guiding bone development and avoiding more complex and uncomfortable treatments for the child in the future.

For more information, contact us! The Mancini Dental Clinic, Orthodontics in Milan, aims to always be a reference for the patient’s health.

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