Hygiene and prevention

Prophylaxis and dental hygiene
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Dental Hygiene in Milan

Daily oral hygiene is essential to prevent dental diseases.
However, to be effective, it must be done correctly. Furthermore, the state of the mouth must be periodically monitored by a dentist with strong skills in the prevention sector. The staff of the Mancini Dental Clinic is available to the patient for check-ups and consultations on dental hygiene in Milan.

Correct cleaning of the teeth is necessary to prevent the occurrence of bacterial plaque that, in the long run, generates tartar and cavities. The choice of interdental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash can depend on the patient’s clinical conditions.
Our clinic deals with dental hygiene in Milan and will give you useful indications and advice, regarding hygiene products and techniques to use.
Furthermore, the help of a specialist is essential to complete specific deep dental hygiene and prophylaxis treatments, to strengthen the enamel and dental walls, hindering the proliferation of bacteria and the onset of complications.

First Visit

The first dental hygiene visit in our clinic in Milan is a fundamental moment for us because it allows us to establish a connection with the patient. In the first phase, we are committed to understanding his requests and expectations based on a precise medical history. Then, we perform a visit with the aid of an intraoral camera, to trace and show on screen the patient’s dental problems. Depending on the needs, we are equipped to perform a panoramic X-ray and a Cone Beam CT scan. After reading the radiologic exams and the intraoral visit, we define a treatment plan with an estimated price. Once the consent has been signed, we start the treatment.

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To preserve the teeth correctly, it is best to follow the right oral hygiene from early childhood. Dental prophylaxis is the branch of dentistry that deals with the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar.

Furthermore, this includes the treatment and prevention of dental-gingival problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis, halitosis, and cavities. The periodic hygiene sessions are scheduled according to a precise recall program. These appointments are fundamental for maintaining the results obtained with the various dental therapies received.