Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry: Treatments

Aesthetic dentistry is the set of treatments that allow us to improve the aesthetics of your smile quickly and painlessly. We deal with teeth whitening in Milan, but also with aesthetic zirconia, disilicate, and composite veneers.

Teeth Whitening in Milan
in Milan

If you are looking for a studio that deals with teeth whitening in Milan, you are in the right place.

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dentistry procedure that improves the color of teeth, making them whiter. This first type of whitening, so-called “cosmetic”, is accompanied by other types of whitening useful for resolving dental discolorations, even severe, due to systemic diseases (for example, fluorosis, blood disorders, etc.) or the results of treatments with certain types of antibiotics (such as tetracyclines).
The products used for this purpose mainly contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, used in various concentrations depending on the technique to be used and the needs of the patient.

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This aesthetic dentistry treatment works thanks to the release of oxygen by hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide when it is placed in contact with teeth. These oxygen molecules break down the molecules of the pigments responsible for discoloration, making them no longer visible.
Aesthetic dentistry whitening only affects natural teeth, it is not effective on fillings and prosthetic restorations, therefore, if a whitening treatment is to be carried out, the latter must be considered, because they will be of a different color.

Zirconia or Disilicate

We also deal with aesthetic dental veneers in addition to teeth whitening in Milan.

Aesthetic dental veneers are special shells that are applied to the external surface of the tooth to improve its appearance.

In our studio, you can find veneers made of zirconia or disilicate, highly biocompatible, and resistant materials.

They are useful in case of pigmented or discolored teeth of various kinds, dental malpositions, diastemas, worn or fractured teeth, and teeth resistant to whitening.

The advantages of veneers are:

  • excellent aesthetics,
  • great wear resistance,
  • preservation of color over time,
  • natural color rendering,
  • considerable adhesive strength,
  • minimal preparation of the tooth required,
  • very short treatment times
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The treatment must be preceded by an aesthetic and functional analysis and for this, a diagnostic waxing is essential, a laboratory procedure that, through wax modeling on the patient’s plaster dental models, allows a visualization of the final result before the treatment is performed. This procedure is also carried out today thanks to a new and innovative digital technology present in the Mancini Dental Clinic, namely digital oral scanning (smile design). The next steps include preparation of the outside of the tooth, taking the impression, and the placement of temporary veneers. The final step consists of the placement of the permanent veneers.

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Composite Veneers

In our clinic, we also use composite dental veneers, which are made of powdered porcelain and synthetic resin, and adhere to the tooth without the need for preparation or trimming.

The characteristics of the material allow the dentist to model it in the form of a paste until the desired shape is achieved. This technique allows for an extremely natural cosmetic result in terms of color and shape.

Composite veneers are also very durable and do not require special maintenance: unlike others, they can be reshaped or repaired directly in the patient’s mouth.