Dental regenerative surgery in Milan

In our studio we perform oral surgery of various types, from tooth extractions to maxillary sinus lift. All this putting the patient’s comfort at the centre, thanks also to the support of the technologies at our disposal, such as conscious sedation, a cutting-edge anesthetic technique which we discuss in detail in our e-book. All surgeries will be performed at our outpatient facility.

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Clinica Mancini - Chirurgia dentale

Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions are one of the interventions we most often perform in the studio and represent a solution for example in the case of dental overcrowding, impacted or semi-impacted teeth, teeth affected by granuloma, or more commonly, teeth excessively compromised by caries or periodontal pathology.

We perform both traditional and complex dental extractions, such as the extraction of already erupted wisdom teeth or impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth.  

Surgical removal

Surgical removal is an intervention aimed at removing cystic formations that usually appear in correspondence with impacted or semi-impacted teeth, devitalized teeth with apical pathology, or periodontally compromised teeth.

Cutaneous neoplasia

Different types of cutaneous neoplasia can occur in the oral cavity. In most cases, the neoplasms are benign, but cancerous neoplasms may also form, which must be removed.

These neoplasms are sent from our clinic to an analysis laboratory with which we collaborate, which will promptly provide us with the histological analysis of the tissue taken.

Thanks to specific and constant monitoring tests, it will be easier to monitor the situation and intervene when the problem is still in the early stages.

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Granuloma: How to treat it?

Dental granuloma is a bacterial infection that affects the root of the tooth and adjacent tissues.

Not always this condition is accompanied by pain and discomfort, in many cases, it can be identified only thanks to periodic radiographic controls.

Intervention usually consists of devitalization, i.e. removal of the dental pulp, removal of bacteria, and sealing of the tooth with biocompatible material.

If the affected tooth has already been devitalized, root canal retreatment is performed.

Clinica-Odontoiatrica-Mancini - Granuloma

When it’s not possible to treat the granuloma with any of these procedures, we will have to resort to the surgical removal of the same, and this procedure is called apicectomy.

In this surgical technique, in addition to the granuloma, the final part of the root of the tooth itself will be removed, which is the cause of the problem.

The final part of the dental roots is called the apex, hence the name of this surgical technique.

Maxillary sinus lift

If it is necessary to carry out an implant surgery, but there is not enough bone residue, it is possible to carry out the maxillary sinus lift.
The latter is a procedure used to increase the amount of bone in the upper arch, preparing it for the insertion of one or more implants. 

The maxillary sinus lift is performed under anesthesia, therefore it does not cause pain.

In the period immediately following the operation, the patient may feel a certain tingling or swelling which will gradually disappear on its own.

The small maxillary sinus lift is a minimally invasive procedure that allows implants to be inserted even in areas where there is little residual bone.

In this technique, small strikers, called osteotomes, vertically compact the bone tissue in the area where the implant will be inserted.

This technique, unlike the previous one, is used when the amount of bone to add, necessary for implant insertion, is minimal.

Horizontal and vertical increments
of the alveolar bone crest

Thanks to oral surgery it is possible to obtain, both vertically and horizontally, an increase in the alveolar bone crest.

In this way the stability of the implant is ensured and it is possible to rehabilitate the smile even in cases of severe bone atrophy.

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Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery includes various surgical techniques all focused on resolving problems with our gums.

The most common techniques are the repositioning of the gum where it has moved from its original position (gingival retraction/recession) and recreating it where it has been completely lost.


Frenums often create uncomfortable situations for the patient’s mouth and must be surgically removed.
The most frequent is the lingual frenulum, which impedes proper tongue mobility and therefore creates a deficit in the patient’s speech.
Other times they interfere with oral prosthetics, and others still contribute to the formation of gingival recessions.

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